CheerFit - Strength and Conditioning for Cheerleaders


CheerFit is a strength training program that complements the competitive cheerleader's training. It involves a heavy focus on technique, body position and control, strength development, power, and explosiveness.

Groups are kept small to ensure high-quality programming and attention to detail.

The start dates for CheerFit are as follows:

January 28, 2017

Senior (grades 10-12) 9:00 AM

Junior (grades 7-9) 10:15 AM

Youth (grades 4-6) 11:30 AM

February 1, 2017

Open (ages 18+) 4:00 PM

*Don't miss out! Spaces are limited!*

​Please note that all sessions take place at our location at 48 Hamlyn Road.

For more information, please call 709-221-7722  or email