Getting exactly what you need to keep active is what we strive for!

At Premier Athletic Therapy, we have a wide variety of premium products to keep you healthy, provide support and pain relief, or manage acute injuries.

We offer a variety of bracing products from DonJoy including custom made knee braces, as well as those for the ankle, elbow, wrist and shoulder.

We perform free brace fitting sessions so you know you leave with a brace that is fitted properly for your condition.

We are well-stocked in a variety of tape including zinc oxide and Kinesiotape, as well as foam rollers, lacrosse balls, massage sticks and tensor wraps.

Stop into the clinic, call us at 709-221-7722, or email us at, with any questions you many have, and we will get back to you about what products we have that could work for you!


Brace Fitting & Retail